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Manufacturing and Distribution

We recognize that manufacturing and distribution companies operate in an uncertain global environment of changing regulations and economic uncertainty that present new challenges and opportunities. Do you agree with our clients who tell us that some of the most important challenges they face daily are the following?

  • Tax law changes and incentive options
  • Cost-segregation study opportunities
  • Inventory and cash-flow management
  • Merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Succession planning and wealth transfer
  • Technology advances
  • Bank covenant compliance

Trying to address these different challenges can prove overwhelming to say the least. When you make an investment in SFW Partners’ professional accounting services, you are working with experts who can help you keep current with tax law changes and their impact, meet your short- and long-term goals, keep pace with industry changes, and pivot to adapt and innovate to take advantage of open doors.

It’s how we can help that sets us apart!

  • We work closely with your management team to gain an in-depth understanding of your fixed overhead cost and perform break-even analyses of your gross margin with your projected sales volume.
  • We identify areas for cost segregation studies, working with specialists/engineers in its execution to reduce your current tax obligations.
  • We develop strategic plans to help ensure your current and future business success.
  • We assist you with developing effective rebate programs, so you can drive growth while maintaining and/or exceeding gross profit goals.
  • We monitor your debt covenants and help increase your cash flow, improving your banking relationship(s).
  • We perform due diligence and identify strategic targets for acquisition, so you can take advantage of new opportunities.
  • We assist with maximizing your business’ value, so you can prepare an advantageous exit strategy.
  • We work with estate planning attorneys to develop a strategy for ownership and wealth transfer, minimizing the tax liability for your beneficiaries.
  • We provide valuations for gifting or other purposes.
  • We identify R&D tax credit opportunities for investing in new or improved processes and techniques to offset your tax liabilities, so you can realize savings.
  • We stay up to date on tax law changes and developments and proactively advise you about strategies, so you can minimize your liabilities and maximize your capital.
  • We provide a full range of services from tax management and accounting to assurance and advisory, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

If you’re in the manufacturing and distribution industry, rely on SFW Partners’ expert team to help you handle the multiple accounting considerations necessary to solidify your company’s position in the supply chain.